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Medical / THERAPY Yoga

Therapeutic yoga in iyengar style

Welcome to GlobalKind Wellness: Unlocking Your Holistic Healing Journey through Osteopathy, Yoga and Massage

Our therapeutic and medical yoga classes are the best in Bangalore and provide a path to healing from all ailments. Our classes are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and are led by experienced yoga teachers who use a personalized approach to help you achieve maximum results. Through a combination of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques, our therapeutic and medical yoga classes can help you heal both physically and emotionally. Come experience the power of yoga and make a difference in your life today


Recommended for:

  • one Looking forward to learn and do practicing for maintaining the health.

  • For the individuals Suffering from injury, asymmetric condition cant practice for themselves and looking towards good practice.

  • Any health issues medically diagnosed or un-diagnosed too.

  • Diabetic people to build their goals on practice and fine tuning on mats.

  • ailments like 
    High Blood Pressure, low Blood Pressure, Diabetes, vertigo, varicose veins, Back Pain, Low Back conditions, sciatica, lumbago, Spondylitis, Spondylosis, and many more..


  • in a group or more than single person energy levels are high,

  • Opportunity to learn from others experiences.

  • learn to meet like minded friends

  • fixed Batch and timings, will make the practitioner be disciplined.

  • helps in pushing once motivation during classes.

Therapy Yoga Batches conducted at
PaiLayout globalkindwellness 

 studio will open 10 min earlier for assembly.


  • Get Your own Yoga mat for therapy yoga sessions.

  • Get your own sanitisers and masks gloves as required for your comfort zone.

  • Get your own water bottle and hand towels (though drinking water facility is available in studio)

  • Wear the outfit suitable for practice, cotton clothes, recommended to all.

  • Round neck t-shirt and track pants or shorts for both women and men is recommended.
    (dressing to your comfort and modesty and smooth practice and concentration we request female clients to dress up as comfortable)

Therapy Yoga  Practice Batch 


Morning Batch :  07:30 am to 08:45 am.

Evening Batch :  04:45 pm to 06:00 pm.

Late Night Batch :  07:30 pm to 08:45 pm.

studio will open 05 min earlier for assembly.
sessions can take time according to the patients condition and requirements


The fee Structure for Classes only Applicable at the Pai-Layout Center.

The fees is collected in advance.

kindly Ask for the payment Invoice for digital payments and those willing to pay directly visit the studio for pay the fees.

The fees Paid is Non-Refundable And Non-Transferable under any circumstances,

unless globalkind wellness cancels or changes any batches.

*Registration Fees is non Refundable and One time charges*

Note: we do not accept cash for any transaction all payments should be done through digital platform only

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