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Each and every kid has a unique way of thinking, learning and implementing for which they need a platform to show their skills and develop the confidence over themselves over a period of time, which is given In our Globalkind wellness, on Kids yoga batch you will be part of a group of students practicing yoga. classes in Pai-layout yoga center will be helping the kids to learn the creative method of learning and choreograph the way of practice through impressive way from beginners or intermediate. However one has to begin slowly to learn and do self-practice to make yoga part of lifestyle and advance in practice.

Recommended for:

  • The kid Looking forward to learn and do practicing for maintaining the health and build the immunity and strength.

  • For the individuals to push themselves towards good practice. and gain good concentration level.

  • beginners to start their practice. and develop the boldness and will power.

  • Intermediate people to build their goals on practice and fine tuning on mats.


  • in a group or more than single person energy levels are high,

  • Opportunity to learn from others experiences.

  • learn to meet like minded friends

  • fixed Batch and timings, will make the practitioner be disciplined.

  • helps in pushing once motivation during classes

Kids Yoga Batches conducted at
PaiLayout globalkindwellness 

 Offline Yoga Batch
Monday, Tuesday, Wednessday, Thursday, Friday

  • Evening Batch only:

    05:40 pm to 06:15 pm

  • studio will open 05 min earlier for assembly,

Fees Structure

Kids Yoga REG
One time ₹ 1250/-

Pay per Month
₹ 2000/-

The fee Structure for Classes only Applicable at the Pai-Layout Center.

The fees is collected in advance.

kindly Ask for the payment Invoice for digital payments and those willing to pay directly visit the studio for pay the fees.

The fees Paid is Non-Refundable And Non-Transferable under any circumstances,

unless globalkind wellness cancels or changes any batches.

Note: we do not accept cash for any transaction all payments should be done through digital platform only

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