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Osteopathy born in 1874, developed by Dr. A.T Still in America.

Osteopathy is drug free, non-invasive manual therapy that aims to improve health across all body systems by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework.

A manual osteopath will focus on the joints, muscles, and spine. Treatment aim to positively affect the body’s nervous , circulatory and lymphatic systems. That link together the entire musculoskeletal system. All of these structures can be restricted. Depending on the restriction, joint blockages, fascial bonds, muscular tension, and bony hardening of the bones can all be remedied using the appropriate techniques. The symptoms and the actual causes can potentially be far removed from one another. For example, the source of pain felt in the musculoskeletal system may actually be located in the inner organs or in the cranium and sacrum.

An osteopath will use their hands to treat your body using a mixture of gentle techniques including:

  • Massage to release and relax muscles

  • Stretching stiff joints

  • Moving your joints through their natural range of motion or articulation


The Benefits of Osteopathy for Alleviating Pain

Osteopaths treat the pain you experience in a way that considers you as a person and your body as a whole. Osteopathic treatment can be used to effectively reduce and alleviate pain in a number of different areas including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and ankle sprains.
Osteopathy can:

  • Remove the underlying cause of pain

  • Reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints

  • Increase the range of motions in the joints

  • Treat spinal problems resulting from poor posture or spinal disk injuries

  • Relieve chronic pain through non-invasive treatment

  • Decrease the stress on the joints

  • Reduce tension in the body

  • Relieve tension headaches and migraine headaches

  • Help the body to adapt to hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy

What to expect

  • Certified osteopath will physically examine the patient deeply.

  • The therapist will also asses the health of muscles, joints and ligaments, and plan a treatment to relieve patient maximum.

  • During physical examination therapist might ask you to undress (partially naked) for assment and treatmeant purposes.

  • This will include the number of sessions likely to be needed , this number of sessions may change according to response of the patient to the treatment.

  • The manipulation and hands work are gentle , but a patient might feel some soreness for the first 24-48 hours.

  • Osteopathic treatment can positively impact the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic system, to improve body function and overall health.

  • No side effects.

Follow Up Appointments

The number and frequency of follow up appointments varies from person to person and is dependent on your condition, your commitment to homework and your progress. Your osteopathic practitioner will give you personalized recommendations at the end of your initial appointment.

Conditions treated

  • Probably more than you think  patient of different ages can benefit.

  • Headaches , migraine, cervicogenic headache.

  • Stress headache.

  • Neck stiffness/ back stiffness.

  • Whiplash injury.

  • Frozen shoulder/ stiff shoulder.

  • Radiculopathies/ nerve pains.

  • Jaw pain and clicking.

  • Strains / sprains.

  • Tennis elbow/ golfer’s elbow.

  • Repetitive strain injuries.

  • Postural problems .

  • Scoliosis/ bent spine.

  • Work strain.

  • Back pain during pregnancy.

  • Slipped disc/ PIVD.

  • Sciatica.

  • Arthritis- knee , hip , shoulder.

  • Sports injuries.



Remember you do not have to be in pain to benefit from osteopathic care.
Good health is all about prevention.



Visceral osteopathy is the treatment of internal organs mainly: Digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive systems and is one part of an overall osteopathic philosophy but focused on treating organs problems that may cause pain or problem of spine and other body parts. one other and the surrounding and supporting muscles, as well as the connective tissue. The organs’ motility (proper motion) is also assessed and treated.

Visceral osteopathy relieve imbalances restrictions in the inter connection between the motions of all organs and structures of body. The therapist feels for mobility restrictions or organ system motility, and remedies these with targeted techniques, which loosen bonds and eliminate tissue blockage. This restores organ function.

J.p barrel, DO built on the principles of Dr. A.T Still, DO, and William Sutherland, DO., to create this method of detailed assessment and highly specific manipulation.


  • Acid re-flux, heart burn.

  • Liver disorders.

  • Digestive disorders.

  • Bladder incontinence.

  • Women health issues.

  • Constipation / IBS.

  • Anxiety and depression.

  • Chronic pains.

  • Stress.

  • Post surgical pains /scars.

  • Headaches .

  • Lower back pain.

And much more.

About Therapist or Healer

Is A Certified Naturopathy Therapist Practising in Bangalore. since 2012. likes to explore end experience the beauty of medical science hence he dedicated to learn the best techniques from the best Doctors so the best service is given to the clients approaching globalkind wellness.

by Successfully completing the Certification, from
academy of manual osteopathy 

Now helps the clients by his unique skills with good experience and techniques,



We respect everyone’s time and do our best to keep everyone on time. There shouldn’t be much of a wait at all – but occasionally, appointments can run a few minutes over.

When it’s time for your appointment, you will be greeted and walk you back to the treatment room.

Your 1st appointment will be approximately 90min long or more and will include history intake, assessment, treatment and discussion of treatment plan.

we recommend each and everyone who are signing up for therapies to choose wisely and complete the recommended sessions for proper results and benefits

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